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Linda Price-Bennett is an experienced and knowledgeable art consultant, collector, and critic. She is very well-versed in the world of art of all forms, and frequently visits art galleries across Canada, USA, and Europe. Linda is a trained artist and has formally taught art at the college level. She is a member of Arts Consultants Canada / Consultants canadiens en arts (ACCA).


Linda is also a highly skilled interior designer, and she often combines these two skills to present art within beautiful and appealing living spaces for her clients, both residential and commercial.


Linda constantly refreshes her portfolio of art galleries in Canada, USA, and Europe. She visits selected galleries periodically to keep abreast of emerging artists and which art is becoming investment grade. She maintains important working relationships with gallery owners. She frequently evaluates the gallery’s artists against her client purchase requirements and often makes recommendations to gallery owners.


From time to time, Linda also purchases noteworthy art pieces from these galleries for her personal collection.

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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

- Thomas Merton

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