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Art Installation


Any fine art collection must be properly installed for maximum enjoyment and aesthetics. Some of the factors to consider include:


  • Room dimensions and structure 

  • The natural and artificial lighting available

  • The color, texture or finishes of the walls

  • The floor and ceiling materials

  • The furniture

  • Who will frequent the space

Linda has a three stage approach to art installation:




Design a detailed and comprehensive room layout selecting the optimal placement of art pieces within the living space. She will review this layout with the client and secure final client approval. Such layouts include furniture placement, room size, windows and window coverings, all elevations, and more. Linda’s sophisticated design layouts take into account natural and other lighting sources such as fixtures and lamps, wall, floor, and ceiling colour, and even any environmental systems that may impact the placement of art such as heating and ventilation outlets or inlets, doorways, etc.




Lighting is crucial to the optimal presentation and display of fine art. Linda takes lighting into account with all art installations. She will examine and assess existing lighting arrangements for suitability. If needed, such as with a new build, she will design a formal lighting plan for the entire space. Once the plan has been approved by the client, she will work with the electrician/installer to see that the plan is followed and adjusted where necessary. She will frequently specify the types and placement of lighting for optimal room ambiance and to highlight art appropriately within the space. 



Installation of fine art represents the period of greatest risk to the works, such as damage in moving, placement, or incorrect installation. Installation must be done with the greatest of care. Linda frequently uses specialized art installation specialists, and she closely monitors and supervises all installation work on the client’s premises. She will ensure adequate insurance coverage is in place prior to any installation on client premises, ensure appropriate hanging systems are in place, and direct the installers per the layout plan. She then arranges post-installation site cleanup, including the removal of packing material, etc.

Long-Term Storage

From time to time, you may need to store some of your works. Perhaps you need to rotate your collection from storage to display locations, or you wish to store investment art you’re not displaying. Linda can recommend a suitable storage location to suit the works you are planning to store, and arrange suitable short or long-term storage, in either residential space (such as a room in your home), or rented commercial facilities. For high-value works several factors become quite important such as fireproofing, humidity and moisture, and secure access control. In the case of a residential storage space, Linda can design the entire space to suit the works being stored, including any security, fireproofing, and humidity controls.

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”

- Annie Albers

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