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Client References

"We are happy to partner with Linda Price-Bennett. She is one of the most professional consultants we partner with. Linda is a frequent purchaser of Gordon Harrison’s impressionist landscape works. As one of the established reputable prominent art galleries in Ottawa, we partner with designers who, like us, care about their products and the relationship with their clients. Linda has a remarkable appreciation for the art, has impeccable taste and a great sense of design. She has a very strong sense of integration of the works within the living space, which brings great value-add to the buyer. We really appreciate that she also tries to understand the context and story behind each piece, which further enhances the buyer’s appreciation of this wonderful art. We are proud of our association with Linda, and the way she represents our gallery and art."

Phil Emond / Gallerist / Gordon Harrison Canadian Landscape Gallery

"I have been doing business with Linda Price-Bennett for many years. She has impeccable taste, and has purchased a number of works from my gallery from a variety of artists, reflecting very different styles and themes. She always engages with me about artists and their work, and has been a positive influence on my selection of works for my gallery. Linda’s infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge make her a delight to work with. She purchases works for her clients and for her personal collection. She is one of the best art consultants in the business – I recommend her highly."

Edith Betkowski / Founder and Proprietor / Alpha Gallery

"Linda created a wonderful design vision for our lakeside condominium and managed the project from concept through to final completion. She reconfigured the space to deliver spectacular views of Lake Ontario from every vantage point in our home. She then selected beautiful artwork that we purchased under her careful guidance. She helped us understand that our new artwork is now growing as a financial investment – a bonus we never initially thought about. Every day we enjoy the results of her work. You can’t go wrong with Linda – she listens to your requirements, works within the budget, and delivers a 'Wow factor' that’s unbelievable!"

Brian and Nancy Cosgrove / Kingston, ON, Canada

"We hired Linda for a complete redesign of our St Lawrence riverfront residence. She made significant changes to the rooms and common spaces to maximize the view of the river from as many rooms as possible. She selected interior colours consistent with the surrounding environment, then found us beautiful artwork which wonderfully complemented the interior look and feel, while at the same time reflecting the outside surroundings. She put a great deal of thought into her selection of art, and we’re extremely pleased with the results – we greatly enjoy her selections. We have since relied on Linda to select more pieces of our growing investment art collection. We are thrilled with the work she has done for us and recommend her highly to anyone who’d like to have a beautiful living space, especially in a waterfront setting."

Jerome and Janice Billett / Brockville, ON, Canada

"I hired Linda Price-Bennett to design a mediation room for my family law practice. It was important that the room convey a sense of peace and calm, as I believe this facilitates negotiations and calms emotions during difficult discussions. Linda selected a phenomenal piece of art from a prominent Canadian landscape artist showing a wonderfully tranquil outdoor scene. She then chose furnishings and wall colours consistent with the painting and the theme of serenity. I and my clients have spent many hours in this room and I always marvel at how uplifting the room décor can be. Linda has proven to me that design and art have a functional as well as an aesthetic benefit.

I also used Linda’s services to start a collection of art for my personal residence in Seattle. The home is on a heavily wooded lot with a natural stone outcrop. She selected a series of impressionistic oil paintings that reflected the trees and stone outcrops outside the home. It is breathtaking. She then proceeded to commission a sculpture for my dining room – an interesting derivative interpretation of The Three Graces in Musee D’Orsay in Paris. She also commissioned a painting by a well known west coast artist of colourful fish swimming in a water pool, which beautifully complements my home. The sculpture and paintings continue to be a focal point of conversation in my home, and I am so proud to own such a unique collection of investment art. I have Linda’s amazing talent and industry connections to thank for this, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a special living or working space."

Molly B. Kenny / MBK Law Office, Seattle, WA, USA

"Linda has selected and installed a number of pieces of art for our home. Her suggestions on which pieces, and how/where to place them were enormously helpful. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her work, and has helped us increase value, display the art in the best possible way, and to provide necessary insurance coverage. I recommend her highly."

Leslie Kirk / Ottawa, ON, Canada

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

- Pablo Picasso

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