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Art Sales

From time to time, many collectors sell all or a portion of their collection. Sometimes this is to make room for new and exciting works, to liquidate part of the collection for cash flow, or just to downsize the collection for a smaller living space. Whatever the reason, Linda will help you select the appropriate pieces to sell, maximize your sale value, and minimize the stress and workload of liquidating part of your collection.


Linda will typically review your expectations for the pieces you wish to sell, and review the possible value of each piece. She’ll then identify a target selling price or range.


Linda will then facilitate a sale through one of the following three common means:

  1. A commission sale with a gallery or auction house

  2. A private sale to another collector

  3. Auction the piece through respectable auction houses such as Waddington’s or Sothebys.


Linda will work to identify as many potential interested buyers as possible. Linda maintains an extensive network of artists, art investors, galleries, and auction houses in Canada, USA, and Europe. Linda will advise you on which pieces to sell and which to retain, based on artist market value and likely projected selling price. She will also help evaluate high-worth pieces. She can discreetly sell art via her extensive network of contacts built up over many years, while maximizing value.

I think that art has the ability to capture people’s imaginations and make them think that more is possible.”- Shepard Fairey

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