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Commercial/Public Art

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Art for a commercial space, particularly a public space, presents unique challenges. The works must be secured from accidental or nefarious damage. They sometimes are exposed to the weather. Pieces tend to be large, and will often require special construction for mounting or placement. The City of Ottawa’s new Light Rail Transit (LRT) system is a good example of art in a public space. The city recently invested $7 million in public art pieces across 13 LRT stations, involving art from 22 artists. Art is often procured through a competition or competitive bidding process, where submissions are reviewed and selected. Linda can assist with the procurement process, evaluate bids and assist with selection, and facilitate all aspects of commercial or public art.

Well-selected and well-placed art can significantly enhance commercial spaces such as office lobbies and meeting rooms, hospital waiting rooms, restaurants, and more. Linda has  extensive experience with the selection and locationing of art in commercial spaces including law offices, hospitals, and more.

Long-Term Storage

From time to time, you may need to store some of your works. Perhaps you need to rotate your collection from storage to display locations, or you wish to store investment art you’re not displaying. Linda can recommend a suitable storage location to suit the works you are planning to store, and arrange suitable short or long-term storage, in either residential space (such as a room in your home), or rented commercial facilities. For high-value works several factors become quite important such as fireproofing, humidity and moisture, and secure access control. In the case of a residential storage space, Linda can design the entire space to suit the works being stored, including any security, fireproofing, and humidity controls.

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”

- Annie Albers

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