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Art Purchase

Linda has over 30 years of experience purchasing many forms of art from various galleries across Canada, USA and Europe. She has an extensive working relationship with numerous galleries around the world. She nurtures a vast network of art sources, artists, and galleries to ensure the best possible selection of fine art anywhere in the world.


She’ll take the time to learn your taste in art, then fully understand your living space, to ensure your collection is tastefully displayed and enjoyed for years to come.

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Art Sales

The sale of art can sometimes be an unpredictable business. Linda removes the risk and maximizes your financial gain on art sales.


She will identify potential buyers, and help you identify which pieces to sell and which to retain, on the basis of both value and your love of the art.


She will identify auction houses, galleries, private buyers, or other potential buyers, and give strong guidance on a potential price.


Art Layout & Installation 

Where and how should your art be displayed in your living space? As a professional interior designer, Linda will optimize art layout for maximum beauty and enjoyment of your collection within your living space.


She will advise which pieces are best in which locations. She’ll often recommend reconfiguration of the space to give suitable prominence to art pieces. This includes suitable hanging systems and methods for proper placement, as well as lighting systems to highlight the art within the living space.

Signing a Contract


Having a properly documented art collection is critical for insurance purposes, and to preserve valuations in the event of loss or damage. Linda advises that every art collection should be properly and fully documented.


Such documentation includes a complete and comprehensive record of all works in the collection including photographs, estimated or formal valuations, source and artist name, year of acquisition, etc. The provenance of each work must be documented to the fullest extent possible, in order to support future valuation.

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Commercial,Public Art

Linda can design and supply art for commercial spaces as well as residential. The acquisition, locationing, and installation of art in the commercial space is vastly different from a typical residential art installation.


Linda will often apply antitheft systems in public spaces, and utilize robust commercial grade mounting systems. In a commercial setting, she will often choose large-scale art pieces, sometimes unified under a common theme.

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